Teachers and Curriculum

Call for Papers 2020 Issue: Special Issue: Evidence-Based Pedagogies

Evidence-based pedagogies, interpreted broadly, is the focus of the 2020 special issue of Teachers and Curriculum.

Evidence-based pedagogies might be viewed as blurred boundaries of research and practice, and acknowledgement of the potential of teacher/practitioner work and research in a range of professional contexts and sites for learning. Evidence-based pedagogies activate inquiry that involves thinking about teaching and learning, equity, student agency, enriching students’ life chances, and perhaps making a difference. Practitioner researchers bring understandings of policy and curriculum decision-making to inquiries about, for example, students’ dispositions, learning behaviours, and ways of knowing.

As well as informing professional learning, evidence-based pedagogies keep interrelationships of policy, research, and pedagogy in view. Gert Biesta (2014) reminds us that education is a political and moral practice that requires continuous critique and deliberation. Evidence-based pedagogies reflect a range of perspectives and assumptions that inform dialogue, interpretation and critique. These may include curriculum decision-makers’ and leaders’ expectations of what evidence counts, and what should be achieved in education. Evidence-based pedagogies generally ‘play out’ through a variety of approaches and teaching strategies implemented as/or within E.g. case studies, inquiry teaching and inquiry learning methodology and processes, social inquiry, action research, self-regulated learning.

This special issue welcomes practice papers, research papers, critiques, thinkpieces and reviews that focus on issues, innovations, and critiques of evidence-based pedagogy.

Please email your expressions of interest (abstracts, ideas, intentions) in the first instance to Dr Pip Hunter at phunter@waikato.ac.nz. All articles must be submitted via the journal website. (Authors must register with the journal prior to submitting). Articles are a maximum of 3,500 words but can be less depending on the type of submission.

Article submission due by : 01 February 2020.
Issue publication date: July 2020.