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Monique Roser Masters Thesis


reading engagement
reading achievement
reading pedagogy


The increase in accessibility and demand for laptop computers and tablets has seen literacy in schools begin to transmogrify, due to the advances of modern digital technology. This is in part due (but not limited) to the growing need, acceptance and popularity, as the division between home use and that found in classroom learning environments is steadily diminishing. With such advances in technology also comes the evolution of the format and style of reading text. Consequently, educators are often left questioning how effective and efficient the introduction of iPads are to the engagement, comprehension and achievement of readers. Schools and institutions are faced with the issue as to whether or not the impending technology is beneficial to reading instruction and thus adapted accordingly, or accept the current method of reading instruction as being sufficient. This article outlines research undertaken by myself, a middle school teacher, in order to investigate the possible influence iPads have on student achievement and perceived learning and engagement in reading, concluding with reference to the findings from the study and implications for teachers and schools who currently, or are looking to implement iPads into the learning environment. 


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