Teachers and Curriculum


The study aims to determine the relationship between university students’ satisfaction with the university and the use of resource management and metacognitive self-regulatory learning strategies through structural equation modelling. This study was designed in the relational screening model, which is among the descriptive research methods and defines the relationships between variables. The data were collected from 364 undergraduate students at a university in Turkey. Structural equation modelling was used to test the model that showed the relationships between student satisfaction, resource management and metacognitive self-regulatory learning strategies, and the descriptive statistics of the variables and correlations were also calculated. Research results show that metacognitive and resource management self-regulatory learning strategies affect student satisfaction. significantly at a low level. Students’ use of self-regulatory learning strategies positively affects their satisfaction from the institution they are studying. In addition, the mediating effect of resource management self-regulatory learning strategy between metacognitive learning and student satisfaction was examined, and the indirect impact of resource management on student satisfaction was also found to be significant.


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