Teachers and Curriculum


Why is it that some New Zealand primary schools invite and welcome beginning teachers, known as Provisionally Registered Teachers (PRTs), to be part of their staff.

A narrative is presented here of one New Zealand primary school that employs several beginning teachers at a time.

Information was generated from interviews with 1) the senior mangagement team; 2) Provissionally Registered Teachers (PRTs) on the staff; and 3) a recently-registered former PRT still teaching in the school. The information generated from the interviews was analysed for the reasons why such a proactive PRT employment stance is maintained and how the school goes about the process of induction for these beginning teachers. The analysis suggests the management team's stance comes from a sincere belief that schools have an obligation to the profession to help induct beginning teachers. It also shows that this school strives to ensure its induction process is educative in nature (challenging the ideas and practices of its PRTs) as well well as insturmental (providing support, advice and guidance on how to deliver the curriculum and meet registration requirements).

Best-evidence (Ministy of Education. 2004) suggest the induction process can be more effective if such a two-fold approach is used. The narrative illustrates the importance of the attitudes and actions of the management team in establishing and maintaining this two-fold approach.



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